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Safe Harbor strives to offer a space for all individuals healing from trauma to create a safer and more harmonious community. Our goal is to empower individuals and families by offering programs that support and encourage a journey of healing.

We offer a child’s play group three times a week where kids come and learn social skills by interacting with peers and receive homework assistance from our teen volunteers. Our adult focused programs range from support groups for parents of divorce, family themed activities or teaching a new talent such as crochet. These programs provide a chance for parents to build a strong support system in their community. Our teen programs focus on mental health and ways to heal from trauma. We provide a safe and nonjudgmental environment where teens are able to use art to process emotions, spend time helping kids with homework, and have an active role in our community events. Our teens also play an active role in increasing our advocacy within the school system to bring awareness and action to the mental health concerns that plague our students.

We are a resource that provides referrals to other community social support services. We host a variety of drives to provide food, clothing, toiletries or other needed items families in our community may need but are unable to access. Safe Harbor is the first stop for many in our community when they need help or emotional support.

Safe Harbor Child Access Centers is not affiliated with “SAFE in Hunterdon”. For information about SAFE, see https://safeinhunterdon.org.

Safe Harbor Child Access Centers

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